NORGIN London Dry Gin

NORGIN London Dry Gin


You want to discover the contrariness of the wadden sea?

This will be no problem with our North Sea Original, where you can convince yourself of the smooth flavorsome smell. The pleasant spiciness of the first moment which is as well covered by frail floral aroma. Hidden in the back you can detect slight citrus.
Even at the end it is smooth but also intense and characterful. So that you are in the mood for more. Responsible for this marvelous elegant taste is the combination of 18 carefully chosen botanicals. They can display their full aroma by using the sophisticated “steam-infusion” technology. The botanicals are placed above the alcohol in a so called “anisateur” and the upcoming alcohol steam extracts the full aroma out of the botanicals. The secret of the unique taste of NORGIN is apart of juniper, angelica root, violet root, star anise and cardamom mainly Salicornia from the salt meadows.

For those who are looking for an exciting and exclusive (premium) Gin, NORGIN is a must. NORGIN is exclusively hand crafted and distilled is very small batches.

NORGIN – The Northern Coast In A Bottle.

Estimated time of delivery: usually 5 working days after receipt of payment.

ABV 43.0%

Volume: 500 ml



All bottles are continuously numbered by hand. The pretty cubic 0.5 l bottle shows their factual charisma and its empty weight of almost 1 kg by the use of a transparent front cover and allows you to look through the NORGIN to the back cover showing the Salicornia as its growing on our home salt meadows (“Langwarder Groden”).

We are using the “Schwechower Obstbrennerei” for our distilling process by a “Arnold Holstein” distillery copper still.

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