About long walks and two Gin Lovers

We are both GIN lovers and always dreamed about having our own Gin. But the Gin should have something special and it must have a link to our region where we are living, we thought. Having this dream in mind, we were often walking with our Labrador Piotr (Pi) at the coast along the salt meadows, discussing the possibilities and new ideas. One day we looked at ourselves and said that Salicornia is the most typical plant of the salt meadows, so it should be (one of) our special botanicals.

Salicornia is flooded by the sea water several 100 times per year and absorbs it in the plant. It is used in the “haut cusine” as so called sea asparagus for fish dishes mainly. After learning about the distilling process of Gin and buying our own small home distillery, we tried to find the perfect taste of our NORGIN – which we did.  This is not the end of the story – but it is the beginning of NORGIN…

Our story: With passion for the nature – with passion for the detail and with passion for the craftsmanship.